Speaking Engagements

As an experienced speaker at conferences and events, when you work with Sara she will share her passions and experiences with solo female travelers, female travel bloggers, entrepreneurs, and event professionals. Her unique perspective has been shaped by her passion for solo travel, earning an income as a travel blogger and business owner, and through her management and creation of various destination events.


Keynote Speaker

Expert Panelist

Workshop/Class Instructor


How to Enrich Your Life Through Solo Travel

Smashing Solo Travel Stereotypes

How Destination Events and Incentive Trips Can Boost the Moral of Your Sales Organization

How Destination Events can WOW Your Clients

Scale Your Business with Events

Travel Trends and Tips

Future of Solo Travel

Staying Safe While Solo Traveling

Fuel Your Passion For Travel By Becoming an Independent Travel Agent

Increase Your Travel Blog Engagement

If interested in booking Sara for your next engagement, email sara@solotravelwoman.com.

Podcast Guests & Blog Contributors

STW Planning, LLC and The Solo Travel Woman Society founder and creator, Sara Straw has enjoyed sharing her stories and tips from personal experience and advice from experts on both the Solo Travel Woman blog and podcast. The best way we can relate and learn is by sharing each other’s stories and experiences. Hear about various travel and lifestyle topics from other bloggers, travel enthusiasts, experts, and more.

Are you interested in sharing your travel tips, experiences, and story on the podcast or as a guest blogger? Would you like to work with Sara and have her contribute to your blog or be a guest on your show? Please fill out this form with your contact details and a brief description of the topic that you have an interest in discussing.


Are you an entrepreneur or non-profit with an upcoming event, workshop, or retreat? Do you have your event plans covered and just need some extra help getting your attendees to and from your event with little hassle? We would love to help!

As your exclusive travel planner, we will work directly with your speakers, sponsors, and even attendees on their travel arrangements, to your event at a low service fee cost of $50 per person.

Email me at sara@stwplanning.com to get started.

Need full-service destination event management & planning? We are happy to help you develop an event that integrates your culture, engages, and inspires those who attend, and allows you to focus your energies on what is necessary – your guests, presentation, meetings, ceremony … whatever it may be! Learn more.


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