Exploring Seattle in 1.5 Days…Alone!

As a corporate event manager, I travel a lot for work. Most of the time it is to cities I have frequently visited but, sometimes I get lucky and wind up in new, exciting locations. I am also someone who tends to travel on my own and not hold back on any experiences!
This August I was lucky enough to find myself in Seattle. Typically, I do not have a lot of time to explore but, this time I allowed myself an extra day and a half to venture. I did not expect to fall in love with the Emerald city.
On August 4th, I arrived on a red eye flight and slept for a good portion of the day before heading out to begin exploring.
Guitar Art at the Museum of POP Culture in Seattle
That afternoon I found myself at the Museum of Pop Culture. Where Fantasy met Horror and Jimmy Hendrix and Nirvana were memorialized. It was a place of wonder, education, beauty and fun.
My favorite was the horror exhibit where I came face to face with my nightmare…Michael Myers.
During my visit, they also had an insanely awesome Marvel feature. I met some pretty super heroes there ;).
Next up was a delicious dinner at Taqueria Cantina. I enjoyed their taco salad and it was a hit! I definitely recommend checking them out if you find yourself in the area.
Lastly, I decided to be a bit spontaneous and get a tattoo to honor my dad. I was going back and forth in my mind of what to get tattooed. I already had “Make Every Breath Count” on my ribs to symbolize his lung transplant but, to honor his life – no idea.
I also am a huge fan of Disney and I wanted something to symbolize that.
Well, when I sat down to think I realized. My love for Disney, fantasy and happily ever afters is all because of my dad. The first movie I ever saw was with him and it was Little Mermaid. We both cried when Ariel waved her dad goodbye at the end (I still do). Then, the last movie we ever watched together was The Lion King. While home on Hospice care, he wanted to watch it so badly. So, that was it. Getting something that meant so much to us was the decision.
Not only did Fenix Tattoos take me in as a random walk in with no problem but, Leo was so gentle and I didn’t feel a thing!
Mt. Rainier

The next day, I decided to venture out of the city and take a day trip to Mt. Rainier. Funny story, I booked myself on a last minute tour out to the mountain which is a 3 hour drive and well, I was in such a rush to book something that I didn’t realize I booked myself on an all Mandarin speaking tour! Leave it to me haha.

With that said, even though I couldn’t understand much – minus the few English updates the guide would give – I had an amazing time with my travel buddies. We all had a common interest and a love for nature. Things like that speak louder than words. Love, kindness, exploration and adventure are universal!

Narada Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park

From Narada Falls to the star itself, Mt. Rainier – everything was breathtaking. It brought me back to when I was in Peru and I hiked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. It was peaceful, challenging in parts, familiar and overall beautiful. I truly love nature and any chance I can take to immerse myself within it – I will.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Narada Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park
Mt. Rainier

After 10 long but, amazing hours I was finally back at the hotel and ready to get back to reality and produce a successful event.

All in all, my time in Seattle was AMAZING. To wake up and not only see a booming metropolis but, mountains and greenery too was a nice change of pace from the Concrete Jungle where I live. I believe I truly experienced Seattle enough to really appreciate the vibe of the city and the love for nature that people bleed out there. I definitely want to go back and experience more and I highly suggest you do too.

Thanks for reading.

Next stop, Denver!



P.S. Here are a few pics of the event I produced while out there.

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