How to Save for Your Next Solo Trip

Many people believe that to travel you have to have a lot of money. This is one of the biggest myths surrounding travel. Of course, the more money you have, the more you will be able to afford luxurious hotels, restaurants, excursions, etc. However, you can still have an amazing time on a budget. Here are some tips on how to save for your next solo trip.

Take control of your finances

Before you even start planning or think about traveling make sure you know exactly what is coming in and out of your bank account. You will need to fully understand what your expenses are and if there are any you can cut out, at least temporarily, while you save for your trip.

There are loads of free budgeting apps and templates that can help you manage your finances. Find one that works for you and stick with it.

Once you have a better view of your finances and can cut out any non-essentials, you will be able to decide on a realistic amount you can set aside for traveling. Do not take out credit to finance your trip. Unless you can pay it back immediately, this is not a wise decision.

Look into opening a travel savings account

I use this awesome app called Qapital. It allows you to set goals for savings and one of which is for a vacation. What you can do is set rules such as “every time you use your linked card to make a purchase, it will round it up to the nearest $2 and deposit that into your vacation savings.” This is a great way to save without opening a separate account at a bank, which is also an option.

Get serious about saving

If you want to save, you have to get serious about it. This may mean making some sacrifices to the everyday luxuries you have thought little about. Here are some suggestions.

  • Make your own coffee vs. stopping at Starbucks.
  • Get a home filter for water vs. buying bottled.
  • Stop going out for lunch and other meals. Pack your lunch and cook at home. Maybe learn some recipes from the destination you are traveling to and have fun before your trip experimenting with the food.
  • Cancel any subscriptions that are not a necessity. You can pick them back up when you are done traveling. However, I think you will realize saving for a trip is much more valuable than a subscription.
  • Take up a new skill and learn how to do your own nails.
  • Cut tobacco and alcohol – both are bad for you anyway.
  • Nights in vs. going out

Make some extra income

Do you have a hobby or skill that you could market and make extra money from as a freelancer? Check out and look for virtual assistant and data entry jobs. They usually only take up a few hours a week and will give you a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

Make travel a priority

Regardless of what steps you take to save, you must make travel your priority. Stop assuming travel is out of reach and start looking at your expenses differently and instead of prioritizing that new pair of shoes, put that money into your travel savings.

This will not be easy but, you can do it!

If you need help organizing and planning for your next solo adventure, check out The Ultimate Solo Travel Woman Guide.

Happy planning.



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