2022 Best Fall Travel Destinations

Now is the perfect time to plan your Fall vacation. It is probably my favorite time to travel, especially to European cities. It’s after the heat of the summer and before the cold bites at your cheeks. Furthermore, crowds tend to be less and prices are generally lower than in the summer months. So, if you need some vacation inspiration, here is our list of the 2022 Best Fall Travel Destinations.

Rome, Italy

In the summer, Rome and other European cities tend to be excruciatingly hot. Traveling during the fall not only brings you excellent weather for venturing through the busy streets but, prices in what are generally expensive tourist spots will be lower. From Opera Season to the Roma Film Festival, fall leaves you with a plethora of things to do when visiting Rome. And if you are lucky enough to head into the Tuscan region you will be hit with vibrant fall colors and the most ripened of grapes.

Bavaria, Germany

With Neuschwanstein Castle as the centerpiece and a kaleidoscope of fall colors, Bavaria is a must-visit in the fall. Not only does it’s famous Oktoberfest occur but, local wine festivals are in full swing and the temperatures are wonderfully comfortable. If you love the outdoors then you will be happy to learn that within this region there are copious amounts of hiking trails and mountain biking opportunities.

Kyoto, Japan

Famed for its seasonal foliage, Kyoto is the ultimate fall destination. Now, unlike some other destinations, you will find higher pricing in Kyoto during this time of the year. One of the best places to see the sea of colors is from the Kodai-Ji Temple, one of Kyoto’s many temples. If scenic views aren’t what you fancy – which I do not know how you cannot find them gorgeous here – there are also many festivals that take place during this time of the year to give you a glimpse into the culture of the area.

Blue Ridge Parkway, USA

Referencing one of the suggestions on our Top Summer Road Trips post, the Blue Ridge Parkway is made even more wonderous during the fall. Known as “Mother Nature’s longest-lasting show of fall foliage”, this 469-mile-long drive through the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina and Virginia offers many scenic overlooks, national parks, waterfalls, the USA’s largest home, and much more. As a bonus, the parkway is extremely pet friendly so your fur family is welcome to come along.

Scottish Highlands, Scotland

What the Highlands lack in tourists during this time of the year, they make up for in wildlife. Visit the Cairngorms National Park to spot red deer and wildcats, take a boat from Inverness to spot the UK’s only population of dolphins, or head over to the lochs of Assynt to spot soaring golden eagles. Lodging rates are also much lower than in the high season. Whether you want 5-star luxury or a quaint B&B, you will find great value.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Come and enjoy the freshest seafood you will ever taste with a trip to Nova Scotia, Canada. Take a step back in time to the 18th century with a visit to Old Town Lunenburg, take part in the region’s many Oktoberfest and craft brew festivals, and hit the trails to hike through the areas rolling hills. In to the mystical and paranormal? Then you will love the list of historic, ghost tours in pretty much every city within the province.

Transylvania, Romania

Listed by National Geographic as one of the top places to visit in the fall, Transylvania is the destination of spectacular landscapes and legendary stories. The Carpathian countryside boasts a charm that takes you into the storybooks of all the fairytales you have ever read. You will also come across spooky sites such as Dracula’s Castle – perfect for your Halloween adventure. Head into Bucharest to dive into the culture and history of this magical country and visit the National History Museum and Palace of Parliament.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

The last place that has made our list of the 2022 Best Fall Travel Destinations is the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado. With its colorful display of Aspens that blanket the mountains, there are few better places to experience the beauty of Autumn. A destination for the adventurous, the Rocky Mountains is full of hiking, fishing, bicycling, and backpacking trails for you to enjoy.

This list is only a dent in the amazing places you could travel to in the fall. Have you visited any? Do you have any on your list that you want to share? Leave a comment and let us know. In the meantime…

Happy exploring.

xoxo, Sara

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