Choosing Your Perfect Destination

With 195 countries to choose from and all the cities and towns within those countries, choosing your perfect destination is not always the easiest decision. Here are some quick tips on how to choose your destination.

Know your why

Why do you want to travel? What does this trip mean to you? Are you looking to visit all the tourist sites? Do you want to immerse yourself in the culture? Are you looking for an experience where you travel like a local?

Can you legally travel to your destination?

There are some countries that restrict who enters their borders. Make sure to do your research and learn if you are able to enter the country and what procedures need to be followed to obtain a visa. Also, as a general rule, you should make sure your passport is at least six months in date from your time of travel. If not, get a new one.

Know your budget

Some destinations are more expensive than others. Make sure to know if the amount you have to spend will go far in the destination you are choosing. Remember to look at currency exchanges to see what your currency is valued at within another country. My favorite app for this is the XE Currency Converter.


The weather plays an important role in deciding where you want to travel and how you will need to pack. Make sure you are OK with what the temperature and elements are going to be before you pick a destination. If you are looking to travel to Germany to visit the amazing holiday markets, you will want to fully understand the weather conditions during that time.


Different countries and cultures place importance on many different holidays. Some you may not be familiar with. Make sure to research what holidays may be occurring during your travel dates so you can plan accordingly.

In The Ultimate Solo Travel Woman Guide, there are planning pages to help you choose your destination by outlining your why, what travel style you are looking for, any points of interest you are looking to see, and more. Being organized while planning is key to ensuring you have a successful trip.

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