US Reopens Boarders to International Travelers

US Reopens Boarders to International Travelers starting November 8, 2021, from more than 2 dozen countries, including Canada and Mexico.

Since the announcement, the US has seen a drastic increase in flight, hotel and vacation rental bookings. This news has brought hope back to the travel industry and a sense of normalcy.

The requirements will be a bit different based on how you’re getting to the U.S. If traveling by air, you will need a passport, proof you’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and a negative COVID-19 test. But if you’re coming in from Mexico or Canada by land, you will just need a passport and proof of vaccination. 

Unvaccinated visitors will still be barred from entering the United States from Canada or Mexico at land borders.

The CDC plans to issue new rules soon on contact tracing for international air travelers.

Skyscanner, a travel booking site, saw an 800% increase in bookings the day after the announcement. In the week after the announcement was made by the administration Expedia, the online booking site, saw a 28% increase in searches for U.S. hotels from Britain and a 24% increase from France.

And not only international tourism was given a boost. Experts said that the U.S. reopening signaled to American travelers that they could leave their homes this coming holiday season, too. Searches for outbound international travel on hopper increased by 24% since the announcement, the highest uptick since the spring.

Although there are still staffing issues and regulations within the travel industry, the process of traveling has gotten a bit easier. COVID tests are more accessible and easier to book, document process has gotten more streamlined and travel insurance companies have begun recognizing COVID and other pandemics as covered travel issues. But more importantly, travelers have become more confident and accustomed with the uncertainity.

Issues | U.S. Travel Association

So, what can you expect when the US Reopens Boarders to International Travelers?

  • Traveling right now requires you to plan in advance to secure flights and accommodations while leaving room for last-minute changes in regulations, flight schedules or COVID infection rates.
  • Waiting to book could wind up being very expensive as prices have increased across the industry and continue to rise.
  • The experience of travel continues to be affected by staffing and other challenges. Your hotel’s restaurant may be closed, daily room cleaning is only available upon request in many places, there will be a shortage in rental cars, and you may find yourself waiting at airport gates for agents to arrive.
  • Ski and beach vacations will remain popular. People are still gravitating to outdoor travel, with the most popular destinations being domestic beach locations or the Caribbean and Mexico. Ski destinations have also seen an increase in bookings due to travelers wanting a festive atmosphere.
  • Due to the increase in pet adoptions during the pandemic, pet-friendly travel has becoming more important

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