Turn a passion for travel into a flexible source of income and reward.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram, wondering how some people seem to be traveling all the time and living your dream life? By joining our travel advisor mentorship program, learn how to start enriching your life through travel.


(Monthly fee of $39 to maintain licensing status, insurance, and administration charges)

Did you know every booking you make either direct to the hotel or through a booking site or agent has commission built in? By becoming an independent travel advisor not only can you earn those commissions on your own travel, but you can also earn them by booking friends’ and family’s travel too!

We offer freedom and flexibility

We offer a flexible working option, with no minimum sales or targets. As a home-based travel advisor, you will receive all the training and guidance to help you earn commissions on your own travel, or by booking travel for others and if you don’t want to keep it a secret, you have the option of becoming a rep (this is not required) and tell all your friends and create your own team of advisors.

We have stay-at-home moms, college students, professionals, and teachers…This opportunity is for you if you want to supplement your income or start bringing in a full-time paycheck. As a bonus, through this program, you will have access to me as a mentor as you onboard and start your business journey for no additional costs.

How it works

InteleTravel is a host agency that has been in business for more than 25 years, and we are known for our leadership and outstanding customer satisfaction rate. We are a  Norton Secured, Better Business Bureau accredited business, and we are proud to have been awarded the BBB Online Reliability Seal. 

We’re also appointed and recognized by the travel industry regulatory authorities, the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), accredited with International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and Ensemble Travel Group, which is a travel agency marketing consortium. Our executives are requested on industry advisory boards to represent the entire travel industry.

Furthermore, we work with every major travel brand—for flights, car rentals, cruises, hotels, resorts, and more—and send customers to destinations worldwide. 

To learn more about what a HOST AGENCY is, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start the Travel Advisor Mentorship Program?

I love to travel. I held myself back for years because of college expenses and then diving into my career. However, 6 years ago I started solo traveling and fell in love with different cultures and countries. So, I decided to learn how can I continue to travel but, find a way to save when I do. I came across this opportunity and I couldn’t pass it up. People love to travel. I love to travel. And now I am ready to mentor others on how to travel more, for less.

How long until I can start earning?

When you become a home-based travel agent you will gain immediate access to your booking system, there is mandatory training that you will need to complete, and if in the UK some ABTA training. Your mentor will be there to support you and guide you through the training so you can start booking!!

Do you need agent/sales experience?

Absolutely no experiences is needed to join the Travel Advisor Mentorship Program. I have never been in sales and other than my own – never booked travel for others. We have free access to extensive training to help you learn your niche, on different countries, with our many suppliers and more.

Is this an MLM?

Absolutely not it’s completely different. Travel is a lucrative industry to be part of, we have no targets or point systems. You book your travel and you get paid the commission. This can be for yourself, friends or family. We literally provide you with a pre-made business in a box with all the materials you need to run a successful travel agency, with all the training and support you need.

There is also an optional travel affiliate opportunity which is entirely optional, meaning there are other revenue streams of income. 

Is this a scam/pyramid scheme?

Well this is exactly what I thought, this all sounded to good to be true and I literally had a lot of questions to ask. But the answer to your question is NO it is not a scam we are proud members of ABTA, CLIA and IATA and are in partnership with some suppliers such as Disney, Delta Vacations, Marriot and Caribbean Cruise Line, etc. who wouldn’t be in partnership with a company which is detrimental to them or bring their business into dispute . What I will say is that being a home based travel agent is not a get rich quick scheme and like any business requires work. 

A Pyramid scheme is where you exchange money for something that does not exist and has no value. It is when the only way for the company to make profit is primarily from recruitment rather than the sale of the product. Our service does exist and contains amazing value and we have a lot of people who have had incredible results. Pyramid schemes are illegal.

Are there sign-up fees?

Yes, there’s a one-off payment of $179 (£137) which is your IATA Licensing charge. This will be a number that gives you global recognition as a travel agent.

You then pay $39(£29) a month which covers your admin, support, insurance, and Back office systems.

All training is totally free!

If you would like to add on our agent onboarding service it’s an additional $20 (£15) for the one-off payment per month.

Will I have the time to do this around my job?

Honestly, that was also my main concern before I got started. I had so much going on already working full time as an event professional which is not at all a 9-5. I didn’t think I would have time to dedicate to this business. But I had a look at my phone and I realized I was spending quite a bit of time on social media, YouTube etc. and that’s simply the time I decided to dedicate to the business. Plus, this business is so flexible. You can choose how much time to invest. There’s no set time. Have you had a look at your phone usage? It’s so interesting!

I am worried about the investment, is it worth it?

I totally understand where you are from. It can be scary making an investment, no matter how big or small, without knowing if you’re going to make a return from it.

Personally, I have over $230,000 in student loans + rent and other living expenses. I don’t have any money to waste. However, I realized that I’m not the only person travelling and could help save money. My mom wants to start traveling more since my father passed and I have friends and colleagues who love to explore. So, it’s not only my vacations that I can book and earn commission on, but I will get paid on every single booking I make for people I know who are planning to go on trips! Which means I would earn my investment back so quickly! Like I’m pretty sure you have never come across anyone who prefers to stay put all the time? No right?!?! Travel is something everyone wants to do or is already doing.

You really couldn’t be in a better position to start, in terms of the fresh business. I know that initial start-up fee is a pain, but you can make it back within a couple of weeks by booking holidays!

Also – You do have 30 days get a full refund as part of our 30-day money back guarantee so, it’s a no brainer!! And if in a year you still don’t feel you have made back your investment – which you will, you can request a refund then too.

But, what about COVID?

Great question. A study by Travelport, a travel technology company, found that 33 percent of travelers anticipated an increase in their use of advisers because of the pandemic. The biggest change was among those ages 18 to 38 — the study found that 39 percent of people in that bracket are more likely to book upcoming travels through an agent.

Having a travel advisor help navigate the ever changing travel restrictions, cancelled flights, different hotel protocols, etc. is extremely helpful and saves time and removes the added stress for the traveler.

Already, travel agencies have seen unprecedented levels of interest.

How do I find clients?

● Friends and family: Sharing what you are doing and letting them know they should book throughyou at no extra cost. You can save them both time and money.
● Social media sharing: Start a FB business page and share hot deals (you will get this in your back office) and advisories, etc. – I would help you. You DO NOT need a large following at all. In fact, I have gotten no clients from social. Just family, friends, and thumbtack.
● Thumbtack – an amazing app to get hot leads looking to book travel – I would train you on it.

What if it is not for me?

Don’t worry, you can cancel your Travel Advisor Mentorship Program anytime and we have amazing money-back guarantees!