Sara Ann Straw

Founder of STW Planning, LLC  and Creator of the Solo Travel Woman Society

My story

My name is Sara and I love to explore the world…solo.

Growing up, my father always told me to never wait for anyone and to live out my dreams. We didn’t travel much as a family when I was younger so, as I became an adult it was always something I dreamed of doing. However, I never had anyone to go with, and funding such trips proved to be quite difficult.

After years of waiting, I decided for my 30th birthday in 2015, that I was finally going to start living for me and that is when I booked my first solo trip to Greece and Turkey. This experience completely changed my life and grew my passion for traveling…solo.

After that, I was constantly taking trips by myself. No one telling me where to go, what to do, when to do things. I was free to experience the world and new cultures how and when I wanted. It was amazing. I started to think if I struggled with getting started traveling I am sure there are many others like me. How can I empower and inspire others to start their solo travel adventure?

In April 2019, I started the Solo Travel Woman blog and merchandise line to help inspire other women to take their journey into solo travel. After a successful year of inspiring women, I wanted to now help them actually take the journey. So, I expanded my brand to offer customer itinerary design and travel planning services. From there, in October 2020 I published The Ultimate Solo Travel Woman Guide and started The Solo Travel Woman Podcast.

In addition to my travel services, I also have over 12 years experience in strategic events and offer destination event & incentive travel services. I work with you to develop an event that integrates the culture, engages, and inspires those who attend, and allows you to focus your energies on what is necessary – your guests, presentation, meetings, ceremony … whatever it may be!

Enjoy exploring the site and I look forward to working with you!

Happy planning,

Sara Ann Straw, CMP, VEMM