What Are Solo Travel Society Getaways?

Join empowered women on one of our Solo Travel Woman Getaways, as we venture to destinations all over the world and create life-long friendships. The locations, activities, and hotels are carefully selected to inspire you with their history, natural beauty, and uniqueness, so your travel experience can be exciting, rewarding, and fun.

Our Getaway Promise

The Connection

On the getaway, we bring a small group of members together to experience new destinations, network, and make lasting memories.

The Culture

A mix of iconic sites and culturally immersive experiences await you on the getaway. Fully experience each destination we visit on the trip.

The Solo Experience

What brought us all together is our common love for solo travel. This doesn’t change, even on the getaway. Enjoy plenty of leisure time to explore on your own.

Upcoming Getaways

2024 Getaway to Portugal

Known as one of the safest places to travel in Europe, Portugal’s Mediterranean charm is most prominent on the golden beaches of the Algarve; in the wilderness of the Azores islands; among the vineyards of Douro Valley; and on the cobbled streets of Lisbon and Porto, where old-world culture meets cosmopolitan bars and restaurants.

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Terms and Conditions

🌈 Our society is inclusive of all self-identified women and non-binary individuals who meet the criteria of membership and respect the mission of our group.


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