Let’s partner up!

Are you an entrepreneur or non-profit with an upcoming event, workshop, or retreat? Do you have your event plans covered and just need some extra help getting your attendees to and from your event with little hassle? We would love to help!

STW Planning, LLC will work directly with your attendees on their travel arrangements, to your event at no cost to you. All you need to do is feature us as your exclusive travel provider, write a review, share a custom URL that we provide for your event and let us work our travel magic.

Email me at sara@stwplanning.com to get started.

Need help with your destination event or full-service travel and itinerary planning? We can handle that too.

Ready to Collab?

STW Planning, LLC and The Solo Travel Woman Society founder and creator, Sara Ann Straw has enjoyed sharing her stories and tips from personal experience and advice from experts on both the Solo Travel Woman blog and podcast. The best way we can relate and learn is by sharing each other’s stories and experiences. Hear about various travel and lifestyle topics from other bloggers, travel enthusiasts, experts, and more.

Are you interested in sharing your travel tips, experiences, and story on the podcast or as a guest blogger? Please fill out this form with your contact details and a brief description of the topic that you have an interest in discussing.