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I’m Sara.

I’m a blogger and strategic event planner who is living in New York City while exploring the world, planning events and seeing where I want to settle in next. I’ve been on this journey since 1985 and the fun has just begun. Read on for the rest!

In 2014, while looking at my empty passport, I started asking myself “why don’t I travel more?”. It wasn’t due to lack of funds or interest in new places, it was because I never had anyone to take adventures with me. I always thought, in order to travel you had to go with one person or a group.

Finally, after years of missing out, I stopped waiting for others to become available. Stopped making excuses as to why traveling alone was unsafe: I would get lost, it would be a disaster, the list went on and on. And in February 2015 I took my first international trip to the Dominican Republic.

I cannot believe it took me so long to do this. My new mission? To change the way people look at solo travel. It is not dangerous. It does not mean you are lonely (I get asked this all the time). It means you are open-minded and have a passion to explore the world, experience new cultures and live the life you have always dreamed of without anything holding you back.

Join me while I share my journey as a solo travel woman. Learn how to save money, look like a local, hit all the top sites on a time crunch, stay safe in large cities and live your best life.

Happy exploring!



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