Independent Travel Agent


Since I get asked a ton of questions on why I became an independent travel agent, I thought I would create an area where I can explain further.

As a full-time certified meeting professional, living in NYC and dealing with a massive amount of student loans, finding time and money to travel was really difficult. I would make it work the best I can but, the costs were definitely catching up to me. The minute I realized there were commissions built into online prices and that I could do the same thing but keep that commission for myself by simply being an agent – I felt like I finally found the secret to how to travel more, for less. And, because it is a home-based business that I own, I can choose how much and how little I work this business around my full-time job.

Why should YOU become an agent?

  • Earn commission on your own travel bookings
  • Partner with the top suppliers in the industry such as Delta Vacations, Club Med and Apple Vacations
  • Booking anything from flights to cruises to accommodations and excursions
  • Earn an extra income while helping others travel the world
  • Flexible hours – you are your own boss
  • No quota + no inventory. = no pressure.
  • Access to $1,000s worth of training so, no experience is needed at all
  • Exclusive access to competitive rates for yourself, family, friends, and clients
  • Join a group of like-minded travel lovers who all support your growth
  • Work from anywhere – any time088AC209-E8EF-45E5-9C2C-78C1A62A0FA9

Also, by becoming an independent travel agent if you do not want or are not ready to start this as a business but, rather just use it to save on your own travel – we have many people that do that. It is whatever you decide!

How do YOU get started?

It’s super simple and honestly, now is the PERFECT time to get in on this amazing opportunity. We are literally moments away from a huge BOOM in the travel industry and lots of people are starting to plan for their future getaways.

Do not worry if you have no experience before signing up. All the training and support you need to start will be given to you and I will personally help mentor you through the whole process.

To learn more about getting started and joining this opportunity – fill out the form below and I can help explain a little more detail.