7 Must-Have Items for Long Haul Flights


Not only are long flights time-consuming, but they can also be made worse if you find your self stuck in a middle seat, under a cold vent or next to a screaming baby. If you are dreading your next long-haul flight, these 7 must-have items for long haul flights are sure to make the time fly by, no matter what situation you find yourself in mid-air.

Earplugs or Noise Cancellation Headphones

Being proactive about blocking noise will really come in handy if you find yourself next to that screaming baby or loud talker. Some earplugs also help alleviate the effects of altitude pressure changes.

Compression Socks

In addition to getting up, stretching your legs and moving around the cabin, compression socks are a good thing to have on hand. One of the big risks of flying on long flights is the development of blood clots. And no one wants that.

Portable Charger (or two)

Have you ever found yourself on a long flight and notice the outlets don’t work? I have and it sucked. Now, you won’t catch me on a flight without 1 or 2 fully charged portable chargers capable of charging my phone and iPad.

A Good Book

Staring at a blue screen (phone/iPad) for a long time is not good for your eyes or your mind. Nothing beats a classic paper-back book (hardcovers can get heavy to lug around).  If you’re anything like me, reading a physical book also aids me in falling asleep.

Shall or Scarf

One that when opened up can double as a light blanket. Planes can get quite cold and you just need that extra layer of warmth to get cozy and pass out.

Microbead Neck Pillow

Travel pillows come in all materials and fabrics, however, I will never use anything other than a microbead pillow. It is so comfortable and forms to however I want to position myself. Even on 2-hour flights, it is with me. Sleeping on flights has never been more comfortable.


Personally, I think airplane food sucks. Even on long flights. I am also pretty picky so, I come prepared with my favorite healthy treats to make sure I am keeping my nutrition right while in route to my next destination.

Do you have any favorite travel tips for flying? Let us know in the comments!

Happy exploring!



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